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Party For The Senses

In Florida, we are essentially on the 900th day of summer for the year.  That means, any day can reflect poor decision making skills in the kitchen if you try really hard.  It's late August, why not make meringues?  Why not give yourself a reason to throw a tantrum in the kitchen when your meringue takes an infinite amount of time to whip?  I like challenges, I guess...  

This is my first blog post; I promised not to use extremely large photos or hide random text in between said photo's, but here we are.  If you're reading this text, wave!  :)

I recommend trying this recipe out regardless of your skill level because there are 2-3 ingredients tops, and the directions are pretty straight forward.  So, if you destroy them for whatever reason, your out of pocket cost will be relatively low, which may or may not be disproportionate to your anger level if they give you trouble.

  • 1 Part Egg Whites
  • 2 Parts Sugar
  • Vanilla to taste / Coloring if desired
  1. Whip Egg Whites to a stiff peak.  
  2. Add Sugar slowly.
  3. Mix until a stiff peak is achieved and sugar granules have mostly dissolved.
  4. Add vanilla / coloring if desired.
  5. Pipe onto parchment and bake at 180-200 Fahrenheit for approximately 20-30 minutes.

*Test bake a few piped meringues.  If it turns out your oven temp is too high/low, you can still adjust it and salvage the remainder of your meringue batter.  Test your oven temps & have fun!