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Dessert Bars

A La Carte and dessert bar options by Sweets illustrated in Tampa, FL


Need a variety of desserts that you’ll style on your own? We service Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.

  1. Choose a variety of 3 desserts from our À La Carte Menu
    2. We’ll arrange for 3 desserts per person (A minimum of 25 guests/75 desserts)
    3. We’ll color coordinate to match your event (when applicable: sprinkles, colored icing, etc)
    4. You, or your stylist can style your dessert table any way you’d like

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$8-$15 Per Person

Mini Cupcakes
Hand-Crafted Marshmallows
Cinnamon Pie Dough Sticks
Mini Gourmet Cookies
Donut Holes
Mini Brownies w. Ganache
Mini Blondies

French Macarons (Natural Color)
French Macarons (Colored Batter)
Vegan French Macarons
Mini Cookie Sandwiches
Mini Chocolate Tarts
Mini Layered Cake Shooters
Mini Lemon Curd Tarts
Mini Chocolate Cake Pyramids

Mini Sugar Cookies (Color Matching Icing)
Classic Cupcakes
Mini Pies
Mini Jar Cakes

The following items are not included in our a la carte package:  Tables, linens, florals, custom signs, take away packaging, backdrops, banners, props, stands, balloons, custom designed or hand painted dessert items.  Hand painted or customized desserts are priced separately by the dozen, and some are priced as commissioned pieces.

* If you would like to have your dessert bar styled, we work with styling pro’s to ensure the most beautiful outcome
* Delivery is additional
*We recommend at least 3-4 dessert pieces per guest
* One flavor per 25 items (example, if ordering 25 chocolate chip cupcakes, all 25 cupcakes will be chocolate chip )
*Minimum order of 25 like items (example, if ordering macarons, the minimum is 25)


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