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Do you have a menu?

Our menu consists of French Macarons, Custom Sugar Cookies, and Dessert Bars:  Menu


Is there a minimum to order?

  • Macarons: $60.  

  • Cookies: $60.  

  • À la carte dessert bar items W/OUT a dessert bar package: Minimum of 3 & maximum of 8.

  • À la carte dessert bar items WITH a dessert bar package: 3 item maximum.  No minimum.

*We prepare each item to order and in small batches. For these reasons, all menu items are set to their respective prices.  We hope you understand our commitment to quality.


What if I'd like to order something that isn't on the menu?

We are able to create pretty much any dessert under the sun, we've just narrowed down the menu to our most popular items.  If you'd like something that you don't see here, send us a message and we may be able to add it to our à la carte menu for you.  Check our à la carte options on the Dessert Bar page; there are lots of delicious treats available there.


Do you offer dessert bars?

We do!  We specialize in beautiful, mini sweet treats!   Our Dessert Bars page is a great source for information and pricing.  

Stands and plates are included in the Sweet & Sweetest Packages.  A refundable deposit is required to rent stands and plates.
*Our Cherry On Top Package requires a minimum purchase of 3 à la carte options.  
*Our Sweet Package is $500. 
*Our Sweetest Package is $600.  


Can I add a cake to my dessert bar?

Yes!  You can add a 6", 8", or 10" cake to your dessert bar.  This is not included in the package price, but is a great way to tie all of the desserts together.  Our cakes start at $120.  Just send us a message!  


How can I secure a date for my event?

A non-refundable 50% deposit or full payment will secure any event date.  All orders must be paid in full, 21 days prior to your event date or it will be canceled.  If you are placing a new order within the 21 day window, the entire order must be paid in full before we can secure your date.  We reserve the right to cancel any order that has not been paid in full, on time.  We accept a limited number of orders per month and recommend booking as early as possible.


How can I order?

Our Etsy shop is a great place to shop our macarons and cookies!  You can also purchase from our Local Shop if you're in the Tampa Bay area.  Contact us directly if that's easier for you!


What is the best method of contact?

Email is the most efficient form of communication for us: sweetsillustrated@gmail.com.  You can email us directly from our contact page.

I don't have an event, I just want cute treats!

Definitely okay with us!  


Do you offer delivery?

Yes!  All deliveries are $2/mile, one way.  (Example: If you are four miles away, your delivery charge is $8).  
Beyond 20 miles, $30 fee + $2/mile.

Mileage and labor are factored into our delivery fee.  Estimate your mileage from: 33635.
*Keep in mind, some of our items can be shipped, and this may be more cost effective than delivery.  But, we are always more than happy to deliver!  Our immediate delivery area is Westchase, Tampa.


Do you offer Vegan, GF, or other diet-specific desserts?

Our macarons do not have any added gluten, and our sugar cookies can be made with no added gluten.  We cannot guarantee that gluten is not present, only that we have not added gluten.  At this time, diet-specific items are taken case by case; we do not currently specialize in these items.


I have allergies; can I consume your products?

Please be aware that we prepare desserts that may contain nuts, dairy, eggs, & wheat. We cannot guarantee that a product has not come into contact with these allergens. It is best not to consume our desserts if you have severe or life-threatening allergies.  *Just a note, our macarons have no added gluten!


How does the "Local Shop" page work?

This page was specifically designed for local clients.  At this time, it is only for orders that will be picked up by the client or delivered by us.  If you are in or near the Tampa Bay area, this is an easy way to order your custom treats from us!  


How far in advance should I place my order?

It's best to speak to us prior to ordering if you need items for a specific date.  Otherwise, order away!  We will prepare your items in the order received, typically with a 14 day lead time.  Lead times may vary.

Dates are held for clients based on deposits/full payments.  We book clients throughout the year, and are unable to guarantee free calendar space without payment.


Prices are a bit different since the last time I visited.  Why?

Our prices are subject to change at any time.  We use fresh ingredients, so if market prices have changed, our prices can vary as well, including decreases!


Have more questions?

Contact us with your questions and concerns!