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Hand Painted | Layered Icing

Hand Painted | Layered Icing

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Artisan crafted.  Hand Painted.  Made in small batches.  Delicious.  

The perfect gift for the person who has everything. The perfect gift for the person who wants nothing.  Go ahead, tug on his or her heart strings today with our carefully crafted and unique cookies.  Leave the awesome to us!

What's included:
12 per set.  Cookie Sets will come with various shapes and sizes to create the best look for your set.


Something to be proud of:
Every recipe is baked from scratch, made in small batches, and perfectly customized.  We hand roll every recipe, bake to perfection, then top each cookie with a delicious layer of royal icing.  We strive to set ourselves apart with unique design detail and techniques that we've spent years perfecting.