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Themed Sugar Cookies | Small

Themed Sugar Cookies | Small

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Our mini themed sugar cookies are excellent additions to any gathering!  Perfect as gifts, favors, or adding a final touch to your themed party.  

  • French Fries | 3-3.25" - .5" with drips of "ketchup" icing.

  • Pizzas | 1.5"-2" with layered icing toppings.

  • Acorns | 2" with brushes of color. 

  • Donuts | 1.5-2" with three icing colors

  • Flowers | 1.5" with three icing colors.


Something to be proud of:
Every recipe is baked from scratch, made in small batches, and perfectly customized.  We hand roll every recipe, bake to perfection, then top each cookie with a delicious layer of royal icing.  We strive to set ourselves apart with unique design detail and techniques that we've spent years perfecting.